Welcome to my new Blog!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new blog. I have decided to write a blog sharing healthy lifestyle tips and recipes. I think everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle but many of us don't know where to start or how to incorporate these things into our lives. I have often struggled in the past with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At times when I was "fit and healthy" I struggled with fatigue and brain fog. Then I struggled with weight gain and that led to many other health issues as well. I didn't understand what was happening. It took me about 8 years to piece it all together and figure it out. The bottom line is living a balanced lifestyle. It is normal for different areas in our lives to be out of balance at different times, but having extreme imbalances leads to stress and dis-ease. This often manifests physically in our bodies. I am passionate about helping others find that balance so that they can live a healthy, happy life. Happiness, joy and peace aren't privileges for the lucky few. These things are necessary for us to continue functioning in this fast paced, crazy world we live in today.

I am really excited to start this journey and I also welcome ideas or questions anyone might have. If you've learned something in your life or maybe you have been wondering about something, shoot me a message on my contact page. I welcome ideas and feedback.

All right... Here we go...

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