Self Love Is Not Selfish

Self Love. What does this mean? It means different things to everyone. To me this means to love yourself as mush as you love others. Not more than others, and not less. I've had my own struggles in this area, but as I talk to other people there seems to be a common pattern. A lot of us are drained and exhausted. Struggling with depression and anxiety, among other illnesses. I wonder how much of this could be corrected or at least easier to manage if we practiced self love. This could be done in many ways, but I think about how we treat other people that we love. Parents care for children by providing them a safe place to live. We make sure they eat healthy foods because we know too much sugar and junk food isn't good for them. We bathe them so they are clean. We make sure they are in bed at a certain time so they get plenty of rest. We read to them to nourish their growing minds. When we love a friend we support them and help them. Build them up. Tell them they deserve to be loved or deserve to be happy. We are there with them in good and bad times. When you're in love with a partner we make them dinner and stay up late with them when they are having a bad night or help them with the things that stress them out so they aren't doing it all alone. We want to make them happy. For anyone that we care about, we worry about their health, safety and happiness. But why aren't we worried about our own health, safety or happiness?

I think it's important for us to reflect on this for ourselves. Not to the point of putting our wants and selfish desires above everyone else. But we should be just as concerned for ourselves as we are for the people we love. Why is your own health less important? Why is your own happiness put to the side? Why are other people's needs put before yours?

It is so important to find balance in this area. Start taking time for yourself. Start speaking up for yourself. Start doing what is good for you, not to be selfish, but so that you can show up completely and wholly for those who DO count on you. For your children, for your spouse or partner, for your job, for your parents and your friends. But also... for YOU!

I'd like anyone reading this to fill in the following statement in the comments, so we can all see what we would do for ourselves.


What? What would you do.


I love myself enough to...

-Stay Hydrated (I struggle with this one. LOL)

-Go to the gym (Working on this one.)

-Not settle

-Go for what I want in life

-Nourish my body and mind

-Go to the lake on the weekends

I love myself enough to...

Love yourself enough too!

It's OK to take care of your own needs and wants. Not only is OK. It's imperative. It's necessary.

We can not be everything we need to be if we are giving from an empty well.

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